Providing a care partnership you can count on.

Why opt for our home care or supported living provisions?

Our Carers and Support Workers deliver compassionate person-centred care that is of high quality, thereby instilling confidence in Service Users and their family members. We begin with listening to you in the initial conversation, in your own home as you talk about your care needs.  

It is our belief that good quality person centred care does not happen by chance, rather it comes through being attentive to every detail no matter how small they may appear. We do not judge you for it is all about your preferences as well as needs and how you would like them to be met. A meeting in your home enables you to feel more at ease and express the care you want.

You will decide when you would like to receive your care or support. We work in partnership with you and we are very flexible to enable adaption to change. The time we provide care can vary depending on your needs, be it in the morning, afternoon (lunch) or evening (tea or bedtime). We are also available to provide supported living, 24-hour home care or Personal Assistant support.

We are here to help…

Our slogan is, “We care for your care,” and we really mean every word. Below are precise descriptions of the services we provide to meet various care needs.

Our Services


We provide care in the morning, afternoon and evening by preparing meals, drinks and helping with bathing. We also ensure prescribed medication is taken.

Support Before & After Hospital Discharge

If you or your loved one is in hospital and is about to be discharged, contact us. We provide care support to help with recovery after discharge.


Living with dementia and memory loss can present challenges that are not easy to manage. Our highly traind carers can provide the much-needed help.

Learning Disability & Autism Care Support

Put simply, we provide direct care to an individual who has a learning disability and or autism while they live in their own home. We support them to live the life they want.

/Live-in Care

We help with 24-hour person centred care should the challenges of looking after a loved one become too much. Our carers cover everything from trips to the toilet to taking medication.

Mild-Moderate Mental Health Care Support

We meet the care needs of individuals who have mild-moderate mental health conditions. This service is provided in the Service User’s home at agreed times.


At times a regular carer
needs to take a break or emergency care could
be needed.
We are here to fill the gap to give peace of mind should that happen.


Our Support Workers can drop in
for a chat, cup of tea or even a walk in the park.
Whatever your needs are, be rest assured they will be met with companionship or sit-in support.

Supported Living

We provide Housing and Support Services to people aged 18 to over 65 years who live with; mental health conditions, learning disabilities, autism, physical disabilities, sensory impairment, eating disorders and substance misuse challenges.

Our Supported Living service is designed to help people with a wide range of support needs retain their independence by being supported in their own homes to live as independently as possible.

Why we are worth trusting …

Our values as stated below enable us to forand maintain solid relationships that cannot be shaken.

VBS-Healthcare is a trading name of Virtuous Business Solutions Ltd, a CQC registered care provider and registered in England and Wales under company number: 08891872.

Person Centred Care

We understand that everyone is different. That is the reason why we provide care that is suitable for an individual. When circumstances change, we are flexible to change too. We care with respect, dignity and compassion.

Quality Assurance

We understand that there is nothing more valuable than human life. Hence, we go the extra mile in complying with the guidelines of our regulator CQC. This should give you confidence that the care you receive is not compromised.

Great Training

Our care and ancillary staff receive up to date great training mainly from our own training team. We also use reputable accredited associates where specialist training is required and never use freelancers. Quality means a lot to us.

What else do we have to offer

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